Shopify bots top 10 benefits over its customer service.

Shopify bots

The discussion on whether chatbots are the future of customer service for Shopify has been around ever since this technology has been introduced in the business world. Though there are no doubts about the fact that chatbots are going to make a huge impact in the coming future when it comes to Shopify bots as customer service. But does that mean that human chat agents are a thing of the past?

There are many people in the industry that would actually say yes. There are certain aspects where chatbots have an advantage over human beings.

Shopify bots are helping in enhancing customer service for any business or service. They not only help in engaging the customers but also help in acquiring new customers.

Some of the benefits shopify bots over customer service agents are:

                                            1. Handle a high volume of queries at once:

Shopify chatbots

 Unlike humans who can only communicate with one human at a time, chatbots can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of people. No matter what time of the day it is or how many people are contacting you, every single one of them will be answered immediately.


                                           2. 24*7 Availability:

customer service for Shopify websites

Unlike customer care executives, they make your brand available around-the-clock to help customers, which in turn helps to scale up your operations. The chatbot works for 24*7 nonstop, without taking breaks. They don’t get frustrated with odd users. They don’t even need holidays. With this, the validity of chatbot is always high.


                                        3. Chatbots are cheaper to develop and to maintain:

customer service for eCommerce website

 when it comes to customer service for Shopify bot is much cheaper than hiring an entire staff to manage said software. Upkeep and maintenance too are limited and aren’t likely to cost much. As one chatbot is equal to loads of employees, it can easily communicate with thousands of customers at the same time. We would only need a handful of people to jump into conversations sometimes when necessary. Hence, it would drastically bring down the expenses and bring about a steep rise in revenue and customer satisfaction.


                                             4. Provide real-time responses to simple questions:

customer service for shopify business.

 Chatbots provide instant responses helping the customers to get the right product or service. In today’s digital, always-online world, people expect businesses to be able to help them quickly and outside of normal business hours, too. Whereas human agent response times are affected by availability and many other factors, chatbots can respond instantly, no matter the time of day.



     5. Increase Revenue:                                Shopify customer service

    Shopify bots are used as customer service as it is intelligent and drives sales by selling the right products to the right customers with the acquired knowledge and information resulting in maximum returns.


Shopify store customer service    6. Ease reach out: 

    As most of the people spend their time on mobile and social media, messaging apps like FB messenger, slack, etc., make it easy to develop these types of bots providing high customer interaction at a minimal cost.


     7.Knowledge of Many Languages:    Shopify business  customer service

    Shopify bots can be programmed to communicate in multiple languages so they can be used to attend website visitors. Chatbot that can converse with users in multiple languages, can be a tremendous asset to any organization. 

       As most of the people who visit your website might come from different parts of the world.


                                                8. Feedback/suggestions:

Shopify Customer service

Customer Feedback is the heartbeat that pumps change across companies and domains. Product teams use feedback to prioritize their roadmap. 70% of customers prefer communicating with chatbots for simpler support feedback or suggestion as it is fast and time-saving.



                    9. Chatbots helps in building relationships with clients:

Ecommerce customer service

They maintain customer relationships proactively, with no extra burden for the agents. For example, they don’t forget birthday wishes, special day gifts, etc. They keep track of everything. Chatbot administers customer support interactions wisely, which can be used for customizing support based on customer behavior.


                                             10. Faster Lead Generation:

Ecommerce store customer service

When it comes to acquiring new customers Facebook Messenger Chatbot is at the top of the list. Facebook Messenger offers an incredible advantage of instant lead capture from 100% of new contacts. That means that customer service for Shopify can explode your lead volume simply by moving your traffic-driving efforts from your website landing pages to your Messenger lead magnets.


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The channel for getting new customers has undergone through cosmetic change, from post to phone calls to most recently, BPO, but the underlying inefficient principle has remained. This presence of this 24/7 customer support is not only incredibly expensive ($20, PER HOUR for your average BPO), but also volatile; a single bad representative can mean hundreds of disappointed and frustrated customers.

Shopify store customer service
Shopify website customer service

This is just the company’s point of view because customers simply hate phone calls. Think about it, when was the last time someone sold you something over a phone call?


Checkout a Shopify Bot is action!



Bots as well as human agents, are going to be important for the future of customer service. Shopify bots definitely add to the efficiency of the chat channel. Human agents will always be an integral part of chat support as they can show empathy, connect with customers on an emotional level and give customers a feeling of comfort.


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