Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid during chatbot conversation marketing


Today, the corporate world is upgrading at a tremendous rate. It demands more and more technological services than ever before. AI technology is used for business purposes or of customers’ satisfaction; no product marketing is as successful and faster as with the help of technology.

Seeking and providing online services have now become a need for both a business handler and for the service seekers. Maintaining customer relationships and leaving the service seeker with a satisfied or positive review is the ultimate key for a successful business and long term customer engagement.


Chatbot Mistakes


All the chatbots needs consistent monitoring to be able to be implemented successfully, as it is still an evolving technology.

In this post, we will walk you through the most common chatbot mistakes that will cost your conversions in the long run.   

1)Don’t make your bot too pushy

It’s important to boost customer engagement, some bots will try so hard for users to interact with your brand. You might unknowingly flood your customers with empty or unsolicited messages. Keep in mind that overdoing your promotions is counterproductive in the long run. It might even cause users to leave your website. So, moderation is key here.

To fix this, your chatbot should be designed in a way that gauges a customer’s response and communicates only when needed. When a user stops interacting with your chatbot mid-conversation, what you can do is to send them occasional reminders.

2)Not learning about the target audience

The main aim of any chatbot is to automate communication with potential clients and customers. To do this effectively, you should know what your customers ask often.Discuss with your sales department and learn what questions they frequently receive from customers. Survey your existing clients and watch their language and constructs. Learn from your competitors and examine personal messages before automating the conversation.

Learn about your target audience enough.

3)Lengthy messages

Chatbots are designed to speed up the whole process of finding a particular service or making a purchase.So, with that in mind, you have to pay attention to the overall length of your chatbot messages. Also, make sure that every message of your chatbot gives a simple and clear purpose. 

That way, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and users will stay interested and engaged with your brand.

4) No strategy and personality-

Chatbot can work as virtual customer service agents, become an extension of your sales team, or deliver content to your audience. Regardless of how you choose to use yours, you must establish a perfect strategy and personality before setting up a chatbot. Jumping into chatbot marketing without a clear strategy and personality won’t improve your business and can lead to wasted personnel hours and marketing dollars.

5)Insufficient or unimportant details-

Users generally seek the aid of chatbots to get a better grasp of certain products or services before purchasing. As such, it’s essential to present quality, relevant details, from product descriptions to previous ratings, depending on what the user is looking for.

Providing vague, unimportant, or unrelated information will only deter users from engaging with your brand.

Mistakes to avoid during building of chatbot.


6)Lack of regular maintenance

Let us suppose that you have made a flawless conversational chatbot, and it is working fine. But then what? Will it work the same always without any change and update?

The answer is, “No.” Why? Because when you build a conversational chatbot, it demands regular updates and changes.

you may need to update conversational flows based on the analysis of how visitors are reacting to it. With the in-depth analysis from where the visitors are leaving the conversational flow, you may need to change it from time to time for even better results.

7)Adding the chatbot to all of the web pages

Not all of your website’s visitors are in the same stage of the sales process, and not all of them intend to make a purchase. A common example is companies that deal with new and existing customers. This type of company’s homepage hosts all kinds of customers. For some of them it is the first time they’re visiting the website while others are existing customers that need support or want to login to their account.

In the case of Lead Generation Chatbot for website, you expect your chat to push your visitors to provide their contact information so you can continue the sales process with a call\email. But because the chat was added to all of your website’s pages, and some of the visitors are looking for customer service only, the automatic chat will generate some support leads. These support leads are not quality leads for your sales process and you don’t want them.

8) Not clarifying that it’s a bot and don’t have a unique name 

Some of the bot doesn’t mention that it’s a bot which means a user can’t be sure if they’re messaging the human owners of a business, an automated bot, or even just a random person with the misfortune of having a name identical to your bot name.

Your bot name is one of the only pieces of information, other than your icon and short description, that potential users see and use to decide whether to try you out. Furthermore, if your bot name is too generic, users might not be able to find you at all.

9)Choosing an incompetent technology partner / professionals

If you already know which platforms to choose while creating a bot, choosing the right chatbot provider should be much easier.

In case of chatbots, you should focus mainly on the effectiveness of the technological solution (the effectiveness of recognising intentions, recognising the context of the statement), therefore, hiring an inappropriate chatbot provider to build a bot may prove ineffective. In this case, it is better to establish cooperation with rakebots that will provide the right platform and also help in developing the bot.

10) No way of getting out of the conversation

Another common mistake is to release a chatbot without considering the flow of conversation. As chatbots use advanced technologies, they should be able to navigate their way out of any situation. However, if your bot faces a query which it doesn’t have the answer to, it is going to reach an impasse. As a result, chatbot will start to loop and ask the user to rephrase the question or be more specific.


If you’ve made any of these common chatbot mistakes, don’t worry! Making mistakes is a valuable part of any learning process. 

A chatbot can be one of the important tools in a successful marketing strategy for your business. Get in touch with us and you’ll be well on your way to a successful campaign with your new chatbot.



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