Engage with your Shopify Customers with Intelligent Chatbot

Available 24x7 to serve your customers with an advanced conversational engine

Try for free for 14 days


10,000 Requests/month

Complete Support

We are on a mission to provide affordable intelligent chatbots for small businesses. This is a limited offer for 25 Shopify small businesses. Kindly reserve your spot by scheduling a demo.



Filter and display products to your customers right from Shopify inventory


Customers can track orders and get responses immediately from the Shopify orders

Respond Instantly

Do you have different color? size? Respond instantly with our advanced conversational AI engine


What is the cost after 1 year?

Same pricing at the time of signup will be applicable for your account.

Will you help me to build the bot?

Yes, we provide complete support and help you build and train the bot. 

How can I cancel my account if I am not satisfied with the service?
Just send us an email to support@mindstack.in and we will cancel your account. Amount will not be refunded if the bot is deployed to your website

How are you different from Manychat or OctaneAI?

You can build natural language processing bots using Rakebots. Read more about it here

I already have a chatbot on Manychat.

You can integrate Manychat with Rakebots with our API’s and make your bots intelligent.

Why do I need Rakebots?

You can build conversational bots rather than flow based with ease using our platform. Read more about it here

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