Chatbot Examples: Top 5 Chatbots Designed By Rakebots

chatbot examples

Before going to Chatbot examples let us first understand what are Chatbots and what are the technologies used?

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversations or online discussions through artificial intelligence. As a general rule, a chatbot will communicate with real people, but applications are being developed where two chat rooms can communicate with each other. Some of the chatbot examples which are used in applications such as e-commerce customer service, call centers, and internet games.

Several businesses are using chatbots in different ways. Brands and companies are using chatbots for activities such as lead generation, ad targeting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Even in the recruitment process. They are using chatbots to improve their operations and sales. Connect with more number of customers for better business. Chatbots have become a part of every marketer’s strategy.

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Technologies used in developing of the chatbot

Chatbot developers usually use two technologies to make the bot understand the meaning of user messages. Machine learning(NLP) and hardcoded rules(Rule-Based).

Machine learning can help identify the intent of the message and extract named entities. It is quite powerful but requires lots of data to train the model. Rule of thumb is to have around 1000 examples for each class for classification problems.

If the developer doesn’t have enough labeled data then he/she can handcraft rules. Which will identify the intent of a message. Rules can be as simple as “if a sentence contains words ‘pay’ and ‘order’ then the user is asking to pay for an order”.

Here is a chatbot example built using machine learning(NLP).


Now let us go through some of the best Chatbot examples

1) Simple HR Chatbot:

The HR team bombarded with emails and phone calls from employees. Because they will be Asking repetitive internal questions. Not only addressing frequently asked internal queries. But manually carrying out processes like assessing employee performance. Going through appraisals is time-consuming and exhaustive for the HR team. Because of the dawn conversational AI, chatbots are now being increasing. Used to streamline organizational processes by automating operational and repetitive tasks. Over the span of the years, chatbots in HR have helped professionals utilize their time on strategic. Pressing work while spending less time on repetitive and operational issues.


1) Instant Query Resolution.

2) Accurate Responses.

3) Better Transparency.

4) Valuable Feedback.

5) Familiarity and Lack of Inhibition.

6) Effective Learning and Training.

Here is the video of a simple HR chatbot developed by Rakebots.

2) Sales Chatbot:

Chatbots run off of artificial intelligence technology. So they have the smart technology needed to compile data, analyze it, and then make informed decisions based on it. When interacting with customers, this technology allows a chatbot to recommend content. To customers based on previous conversations, purchase histories. And other buying trends, totally unique to the individual customer.

Advantages of Sale chatbot:

1) Customer insights– Track the data that matters and report through an integrated, dashboard.

2) Always on– Never miss an opportunity. The chatbot is always online and helping find the right fit and close the sale.

3) Up- & cross-sale-With deep knowledge of products and services chatbot automatically up- and cross-sells.

4) Adaptable-Through natural conversation, your sales chatbot understands and adapts to each customer.

Here is one of the chatbot examples of a Sales bot developed by Rakebots.

3) Customer Service Chatbot:

A customer service chatbot is a bot that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer basic customer questions via a chat messenger. These may be questions like “I got one of my shipments delivered today but you guys have mishandled it” or “My package is already spoiled how will you fix it?”

AI chatbots use your existing information and resources like FAQs or Knowledgebase, to answer questions and offer help. So they can recognize and answer multiple forms of the same question. And can be trained to give instant responses using a preferred voice and tone. So this all combines to create an experience that models what is provided to customers in a chat with a real person.

Here is one of the chatbot examples to Customer service chatbot developed by Rakebots.

4) Ecommerce Order tracking Rakebots:

Ecommerce chatbot has enabled a new form of business operation for the web-shops- Conversational Commerce. Powered by chatbots, conversational commerce has not just made conversions easy. But they have also been a guiding factor for upselling and cross-selling products.

Integrate CRM with the chatbot. And let it make good use of data so with access to CRM. The AI-bot can scan customer information, order information, email ID leads. And offers a more precise response to the related queries.

Here is one of the chatbot examples to e-commerce Order Tracking chatbot developed by Rakebots.

5) Language oriented chatbot:

The way humans talk to each other has always been dependent on established codes. Because that allows us to understand each other and Languages are a major part of our identity. Because they are the gateway from the inner self. And to the world, so they are expressed differently through slang, intonations, and body language.

Chatbots are used in almost every industry to so enhance the experiences. And allowing users to communicate with a bot in their local language. And provides a much more human and customized interaction.

Here is one of the chatbot examples developed in the Arabic language by Rakebots.


These are some of the chatbot examples, but not every business will have similar chatbots. Because every business has a different set of needs and requirements. So It’s better to select the perfect customized chatbot which will full fill business needs and requirements accordingly.


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