How AI Chatbots can be helpful in your email marketing?

Email Marketing Chatbot

Since the beginning of the internet era, email has been the key element for trading and identity. There‚Äôs a reason why almost every other internet entity requires you to use your email id to take any action on any of those entities. It allows them to reach out to past customers, introduce themselves to future […]

How AI chatbots can be helpful in lead generation?

Lead Generation

Lead generation is very important for the growth of any business. The customer’s buying process has changed and marketeers need to rethink and refocus their efforts in order to stay relevant. If people demonstrate to you that they are interested in your business when you go to contact them about your offering they are no […]

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Everything you need to know about future of digital marketing

Future of digital marketing

Future of digital marketing is all about engaging with your audience. Companies spend huge amount on facebook and google ads, but fail to engage with the customers. The reason is just ads are not enticing anymore. Since the internet has exploded, customers have a lot of options, and if you do not engage with your […]